Unofficial 2014_08_13
Copy of some of the European Space Agency
TASTE Project Deliverables

All state-financed work is practically in public domain, or, if it is not, then it should be, because otherwise the fairytale that the state-financed work is for the general public does not hold. This page/folder contains copies of some of the European Space Agency TASTE project materials, which have been downloaded on 2014_08_13, mainly from

The original README.
The what_is_taste.pdf originates from
2012-May-02 13:51:54 version of TASTE-GUI-TOOLS-LINUX.tar.gz.

2014_08_13 version of the ASN.1 compiler code. ASN.1 introduction.
The ASN.1 related presentation.pdf originates from

A virtual machine (~1.7GiB) that originates from and probably contains it all.

A Russian analogue of the TASTE Project might be the DRAKON Editor.