The mmmv_virtual_appliance_t1 is a VirtualBox based
virtual appliance that runs 64 bit Ubuntu Linux and
has a purpose of being a portable container for
development deliverables. It requires at least 1GiB of RAM,
2.5GiB of RAM if Eclipse or JetBrains Community Edition is run.
and at least some kind of 3D acceleration.

The default username for the main user is ubuntu
and its password is also ubuntu. At startup
the user "ubuntu" is logged in automatically and the root status
can be obtained by using the sudo su command.
The password for the "sudo su" is "ubuntu".
Futher details reside at the General Comments,
which can be found from the desktop.
As the main audience of this virtual machine consists
of only developers, the default key bindings for IDE-s tend to be
the Vim/Vi key bindings.

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