The java_8_update_5 does NOT work with it, but
the java_7_update_45 and the java_7_update_76 do.

Unfortunately the Oracle forbids non-bundled redistribution of
even the Java redistributables. If You are lucky, then
You might find a copy of the Java runtime from Oracle archives (link active: 2014_07_11).

On the other hand, Section C of the "Oracle Binary Code License Agreement"
does allow the redistribution of the Java Development Kit (JDK) in a bundle with
the software that the JDK is meant to be used with, so a
tar.bz2-file that consists of the Netbeans IDE and the JDK is a bundle that is legal.

As of 2015_02 I reccommend the JetBrains PhpStorm for PHP development,
despite the fact that the PhpStorm is closed souce software. The PhpStorm version 8.0.3
can be run with the aforementioned java_7_update_76.

NetBeans_6dot8_and_JDK_7update76.tar.bz2.torrentspacerReferences ~900MiB