This page is an archive of the Raudrohi JavaScript Library (RJSL) milestone releases.
An incomplete version and introductory comments reside at the GitHub repository.

Currently the RJSL is bitrotting, but the project is not abandoned.
Currently it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use it for any development work,
because despite the fact that its architecture is OK,
it needs really heavy refactoring, renaming of functions,
some flaws need to be fixed, etc.

(I am able to use it myself, when I am in a hurry,
but I know my way around it, because I,
Martin.Vahi@softf1.com, am the original author of the library,
but at its current state it is totally unusable to anyone else .)

Related custom specifications that have been implemented in the RJSL:
RASTCLSP_t1, ProgFTE_v1.

Custom specifications that still need to be implemented in the RJSL:

The LightMSGP_v2 is also closely related to the Silktorrent project.
You may want to get acquainted with
a project of the Ralf S. Engelshall, the ComponentJS,
regardless of the state of the Raudrohi JavaScript Library.