The mmmv_gigablast_container_t1 is an AMD64 virtual appliance that
contains a compiled and partly configured instance of the
gigablast.com open source search engine. The mmmv_gigablast_container_t1
requires about 2GiB to run, but if the Gigablast daemon is not run,
512MiB will probably be enough for running it without any "exhaustive" applications.
The mmmv_gigablast_container_t1 specific usage instructions reside
at the COMMENTS.md at its desktop.

Later, when the Raspberry Pi models become computationally powerful enough or
when the Gigablast software is redesigned to run on computers with
the computational power approaching that of the Raspberry Pi,
the mmmv_gigablast_container_t1 is expected to be merged with the mmmv_raspbian_t1.
The mmmv_gigablast_container_t1 shares its flawtrack with the mmmv_raspbian_t1.

2015_12_07_mmmv_gigablast_container_t1.ova.torrentspacer References ~10GiB and
the sha256 of the target is:
The size of the dynamically allocated virtual disk is ~200GiB.